World Federation Of Societies of Anaesthesiologists


  • Education Committee ( 1 )

    Mission: The Education Committee will enhance patient care worldwide by working collaboratively to create, develop and strengthen anaesthesiology education and training. Our activities include fellowships, scholarships, short courses, educational meetings and consultations. Our methods include financial partnerships, endorsements and expert consultations in collaboration with national societies, governments, non-governmental organisations and committed individuals. The Education Committee is the busiest committee and deals with the main activities that further the goals of the Federation, namely education and dissemination of scientific information. As such it is responsible for the majority of the Federation Expenditure.

  • Finance Committee ( 1 )

    The Finance Committee comprises five delegates from five member societies, two of whom are on the Executive Committee. It establishes the formula for and administration of payment of the annual subscription for the Member Societies. It prepares and administers a budget of anticipated expenditure for the succeeding fiscal years until the next General Assembly.

  • Publication Committee ( 1 )

    The function of this Committee is to promote the highest standards of safety and quality in anaesthesia internationally; to this end it is involved in several projects and is establishing liaison with other groups around the world (notably IAPSF).

  • Safety & Quality of Practice Committee ( 1 )

    The function of this Committee is to promote the highest standards of safety and quality in anaesthesia internationally, including fostering safe and high quality practice in all Member Societies.

  • Constitution Committee ( 1 )

    The Constitution Committee comprises a Chairman and five other delegates from each of the geographical regions of the WFSA. It recommends to the Executive Committee amendments to the Constitution which it considers will facilitate the work of the Federation.

  • Scientific Affairs Committee ( 1 )

    This newly created committee has a function to facilitate the cooperation between centres from advanced and developing countries, in link with national societies, not to develop scientific and research programmes specific to the WFSA.

  • Professional Wellbeing Committee ( 1 )

    This newly created committee intends to create awareness of the impact of occupational stress in our profession and to implement strategies for its prevention and management

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